Thursday 17 December 2020

PayPal problem again

We're really sorry to have to let you know that we are experiencing difficulties with Paypal again after just a couple of months of the facility being restored.

Since the beginning of December Cint have seen delays in their bank transfers being processed. The last bank transfer reflected in their Paypal account on the 11th December after 9 days delay. We are now waiting on 6 bank transfers dating back to 4th December (13 days delay so far).

Cint are in touch with Paypal at the moment to resolve this. Their policy is not to start a trace on bank transfers until 30 days have elapsed, but given past performance they have agreed to start an investigation now.

We have been working to find alternatives to Paypal that will not run into the same chronic problems. We have focused on finding solutions that are as close to cash as possible, but which can be administered in Cint's system as vouchers. Today we have added a new Virtual Visa Debit Card reward in our US panel and will be adding this in EUR in the New Year. We have also added a new reward for Russia ( due to specific regulatory issues with Paypal in that country. 

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