Monday 6 January 2020

Here are the Winners in our New Years Eve Competition

First the 2 winners of 200 USD:

30 winners of 10 USD:

9 Winners of 10 USD review competition:

And finaly 5 USD to everyone that sign up for Our competition:

Congratulation everyone and a Happy New Year!!

All payments will be made before February 2020, so do not send emails asking for the payment - we will send it.

Make sure that you have a valid Paypal account before payout! 

We ask Our winners to post a comment in Our Facebook site when they have got their payment (or in Our blog). Then we all know that you have got Your Money. Few winners did this last time.

If you have unsubscribed from Our panel or you never have been a member, you will be removed from the list over winners. This is a competition for members of Triaba.