Thursday 29 September 2022

Recommendations for how to answer surveys

We kindly ask that members read each question carefully, review all answers before making a selection, ensure you are fulfilling all the requirements correctly before proceeding to the next page, take your time, and do not speed through the pages or the survey as a whole.
Clients love detailed feedback they can use for their studies! If asked to provide your thoughts (typed answers) on a subject, give thoughtful answers, go into as much detail as possible, rather than typing a few words/lines, providing answers that do not make sense or answers that do not pertain to the question presented to you.
Enter real information that is your own. Try not to repeat the same answers such as "Don't Know/None of the above" all the time unless it actually applies to you. Please try to limit your selections to those that apply to you personally and/or those in your household (not the entire family).
Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Emergency Maintenance - All Cint Products

Start time

Sep 28, 16:00 UTC

Estimated duration

6 hours

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Delay in Virtual VISA Debit Card Payments

Dear Panelists,

We have been informed by Cint that they are experiencing an issue obtaining Virtual VISA codes and unfortunately, this is causing a delay in our processing of Virtual VISA transactions.

Please know they are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.

We will update this article as soon as new information becomes available.

Our apologies for the inconvenience this delay is causing you.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

New payment options in our US panel

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new payment option called GiftCard PASS for United States panelists.

What is GiftCard PASS?
GiftCard PASS allows panelists to choose a gift card they would like to redeem their rewards from a list of available options.

What brands are included in the GiftCard PASS?

We have included some of the most popular brands panelists can choose from to redeem their GiftCard PASS reward.

  • Gift Card
  • AMC Theatres eGift Card
  • Best Buy eGift Card
  • Dunkin Donuts eGift Card
  • Google Play eGift Card
  • Grubhub eGift Card
  • Lowes eGift Card
  • REI eGift Card
  • Starbucks eGift Card
  • Target eGift Card
  • The Home Depot eGift Card
  • Walmart eGift Card

How do panelists redeem their GiftCard PASS?
We have created a how-to article with instructions on how they can redeem, please share the below article with your panelists.

Thursday 2 June 2022

Payment Options in Turkey

We are pleased to inform you that we have added Amazon Turkey as a payment option, this is enabled and panelist can redeem their rewards using this option if they wish.

Yemeksepeti is expected to be available again by the end of this week. Also, we are continuing to work on adding Carrefour TR Gift Card as another payment option and hope to have it added soon. Trendyol is still ongoing but progressing.

Virtual Visa - how to redeem the Reward Card

Virtual Visa's process in 1 business day. Once the process has been completed please check your email (check your spam folder as well) for your reward. You can begin to activate your Virtual Visa by either clicking on "Redeem now" or by using the provided link below it in the email. 

Email the Virtual Visa is coming from (please whitelist this email for future payments), the title of the email is as follows: (Your Panel name) sent you a Virtual Visa Reward Card. 

You will then be directed to "My Digital Wallet". If you already have a Digital Wallet account, you can log in by entering your username and password and proceed to your Digital Wallet to make your payment selection. If this is your first time here you will need to create a Digital Wallet account, this can be done by clicking "Create Wallet" at the bottom right of the login box, choose a username, password and confirm the password by reentering it again, click continue.

The next page that will appear will be your profile page, please fill out this page (all fields are required), check the box at the bottom for electronic account notices, and select continue to complete your registration and proceed to your payment. The following page will show your payment as well as 2 payment options available, choose your preferred option by clicking "Select" on it. You will be asked to view and confirm your selection, once confirmed please review the terms and select agree. You have now activated your Virtual Visa, you will find the card information on the page and you will also receive an email confirmation.

You are all set to use your Virtual Visa! 

For additional information you can go to once on their page select contact us at the top right corner, a window will open, at the top of the Contact Us window, select FAQ,s.

For screenshots of the steps taking above, please review the video below.

Thursday 12 May 2022

Turkey Rewards Payment Yemeksepeti Will Be Temporarily Disabled

Dear panelist,

Unfortunately, Yemeksepeti is having technical issues with their gift vouchers so they are unable to supply us with any new vouchers until possibly June or July (2022). We will be disabling this payment option until then.

If you have a pending Yemeksepeti payment, we will be refunding your panelist account for the transaction.

In the meantime, we are working on setting up a new reward called Carrefour TR Gift Card, this should be done within the next week.

We are also working on adding another reward supplier, with this possibly being finalized this month or in June.

We will update this article regarding the Yemeksepeti vouchers as well as when the new reward is set up and available to redeem.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this delay is causing you.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Profiling questions - do NOT spam your profile

When you sign up for Triaba, you will be asked to fill in what we call Profile questions. The profile questions is used to find surveys for our members.

Lately many members have started to "spam" their profile. Only list your actual interests, your job position today, where you have travelled etc. 

If your accunt have been banned, Cint will normaly do a second review after 2-4 weeks, but if you have spammed your profile, it is possible that the ban is permanent. 

Thursday 24 February 2022


Triaba asks all companies with economic activities in Russia and in Belarus to stop all activities in those two countries.

We will not reopen our panel in Russia until the Russian troops have withdrawn and Russia has paid for the damage they are inflicting on Ukraine.

Friday 21 January 2022

Deduction in your panel account?

Some members sometimes can find an deduction in their account and wonders why this have happened. Triaba do not have access to our members money in the panel account and we do not have access to your surveys. Only Cint have access to your account and the deduction is made by them. It can be several reasons for the deductio, but the main reasons is listed under.

Negative incentives can occur when someone completed a survey in a manner deemed inappropriate (bad or untruthful). We will not share with you which questions proved to be problematic for our clients. Below are some ways clients define “bad” or “untruthful” responses
  • Survey Speeding

Every survey executed has an estimated time to complete. If you complete a survey in a time frame that does not fall within the range that is acceptable you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

  • Inconsistent or Inaccurate Answers

If you provide answers that are not accurate and or inconsistent in any manner whatsoever you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

  • Red Herring questions

Clients, at times, will put questions in the survey multiple times or demand that you choose a specific answer to ensure you are being truthful and/or reading the entire survey question. If our client should find that your responses are unacceptable as per the red herring directive you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

  • Open End Questions

At times clients will have a section within a survey that requests respondents to fill in their answers by writing them in, rather than selecting an answer from a set of pre-identified responses. If a response in Open Ended question is considered to contain language that is inappropriate, non-sensible, or not fitting for the question you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

SOLVED - PayPal problem

The problem with PayPal have now been solved. Cint writes:

Dear Panelist,

As you know we were, unfortunately, experiencing a delay in processing pending PayPal payments. This issue has been resolved, Pending PayPal payments are being processed. 

We will be enabling the PayPal payment option again for the panels that offer this form of payment and will update you once this has been completed. 

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this delay may have caused you.

PayPal should be available today (1/18/22) for most panels.


Wednesday 12 January 2022

PayPal problem

Cint have informed us there is a problem with PayPal again. Cint writes:

Dear Panelist,

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a delay in processing pending PayPal payments. We are working with PayPal as quickly as possible to get this resolved.

Please note, this is not the same issue we experienced previously back in December as up until now payments have been processed.

If you have a PayPal payment that is pending, this will process as normal once this has been resolved.

We are sorry to announce that we have temporarily disabled the PayPal payment option at this time. If you would like to redeem your rewards, please choose another payment option that may be available to you until this is resolved.