Thursday, 13 June 2019

Summer competition

Summer competition 2019: we will be handing out gift vouchers of 500 US Dollars + 250 US Dollars in the blog competition. 

Send us an email before September 2019 to join the competition. 

Two winners will get 100 US Dollars each. There will be 30 Paypal payments of 10 US Dollars in the competition.

We have 5 Gift Vouchers/ Paypal payments of 50 US Dollars to members that blog about Triaba. Remember that you MUST have a link to Triaba in your blog. A link to your blog must be sent with your registration to participate in the competition. You can not create a blog only to join the competition.

In order to join Our competition, you must:
- be a member of one of our survey panels
- have completed (or tried to complete) at least 1 survey in May, June, July or August 2019. If you recently have Joined Triaba and have not received any survey invitations, you can join the competition. 

Be aware that if you unsubscribe from Triaba before the competition ends, you will be deleted from the competition.

Send an e-mail to with the following information: 

1) In the Heading of the e-mail to us, Write: 

Summer competition 2019 

2) Your Name

3) Your Postal code

4) Your Country

5) Your e-mailaddress (The email you use MUST correspond to the e-mail address you use in the Triaba survey panel)

If you do not provide this information in the email, step 1 to 5, you will not be a part of the competition.

We will be happy if you can give us a review in Our Facebook site ( and/or at Google. You can also Write a review in Trustpilot;

New survey panels

Triaba have opened New survey panels in:

Bulgaria -

Moldova -

Romania -

Serbia -


Slovakia -

In total Triaba have 356 000 panelists in 68 countries.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Winners in our December competition - New Years Eve 2018

Here are the winners of 50 Paypal payments of 10 USD, 2 Paypal payments of 100 USD and 1 winner of 300 USD. All payments will be made before February 2019, so do not send emails asking for the payment - we will send it.

Make sure that you have a valid Paypal account before payout! We ask Our winners to post a comment in Our Facebook site when they have got their payment (or in Our blog). Then we all know that you have got Your Money. Only 4 winners did this last time - and we will NOT have any more competitions if the winners do not do this.

If you have unsubscribed from Our panel or you never have been a member, you will be removed from the list over winners. This is a competition for members of Triaba.

Congratulations to Our winners - and a Happy New Year to all of Our members!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

New Survey Panels in Russia, Tunisia and Ivory Coast

Triaba Have opened panels in Russia, Tunisia and Ivory Coast. All panels is a part of the Cint Insight Exchange.

After this, Triaba have 69 panels in 64 Countries. The total number of panelists is 300 000.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

New Panelist Reward Option - GCodes

GCodes is now available in the following countries:
- Australia
- Austria
- Canada
- China
- France
- Germany
- Ireland
- Mexico
- New Zealand
- Philippines
- Portugal
- Spain

GCodes virtual gift codes are redeemable for thousands of rewards including merchandise, gift cards, digital magazines and books, travel, event tickets, mobile top-up and more!