Thursday 27 August 2020

Paypal Issue - Technical problem

UPDATE 24.09.2020: Message from Cint

Dear User,

Unfortunately, due to some additional security measures put in place by Paypal recently, we have been experiencing severe delays in processing your Paypal rewards payments.

What has happened?

 · Paypal was not accepting bank transfers from Cint - the technology platform used to deliver surveys and rewards to panellists. This means we were unable to add money to our account in order to pay you.

 What steps have been taken so far?

 · We have returned the points for all pending Paypal transactions back to your account so you could choose another reward option where possible.

 · We have temporarily removed the option to choose Paypal in our portal / app.

 · We have identified the reason why Paypal was not accepting Cint’s bank transfers (Recent security measures implemented by Paypal without any pre-warning has prevented many payments getting correctly transferred)

 When can you receive your Paypal payments?

 · We expect to be able to restart offering Paypal payments from the 28th of September 2020


We are genuinely sorry for the inconvenience this disruption has caused. We will provide a further update as soon as payments resume.

UPDATE 23.09.2020: Having escalated this issue with Paypal, Cint have the following update:

  • Historically Cint has used a generic name called “Your panel” as their Paypal business name, so when payments are made to panelists, their statements read ‘Your panel’ instead of Cint.
  • However, without any prewarning, Paypal has recently introduced some additional security measures to their fund transfer process, which requires a Paypal account’s business name to match its corresponding bank account’s business name.
  • This new requirement has created an overwhelming number of reversals in the Paypal system, and as a result, many of Cint's accounts were affected; which unfortunately took some time to troubleshoot.
Since the problem now have been detected, we hope that Paypal soon will be up and running again.

UPDATE 16.09.2020: Paypal is experiencing problem with several Nordic customers, including Cint. The latest news I have is that Paypal is working hard to solve this, but we are not pleased since they did not prioritise this problem at once. Therefor Cint are working to find more payment options in the different countries so that members can choose more ways to get their rewards.

UPDATE 04.09.2020: As Cint have been trying to solve the issue with PayPal and weren’t able to get this done until today (friday), Cint can’t wait anymore for PayPal. Cint's operations team have suggested that we will proceed today with the following solution.

Cint has identified the countries where they have Paypal but also have other payment methods available. For all of these countries, they are going to do the following:

• Roll back all pending Paypal payments

• Add messaging asking users to choose other method. This would be added to Zendesk and linked from portal by Cint’s product team.

• Temporarily block further payouts to Paypal in these countries (PayPal will be disabled for panels in these countries across the whole platform)

For the countries where we have only PayPal as an option, Cint will still look for the solution.

UPDATE 03.09.2020: Unfortunately the test payment didn't come through to Cint's account yesterday, this means Cint is still unable to add funds to Paypal. Cint is clear on that the problem is not on their side, but on Paypals.

The team responsible for this at Cint is in touch with PayPal’s department to escalate the issue further.

UPDATE 02.09.2020: Paypal have completed their investigation and concluded that they have sent the money back to Cint, but it may take 30 days to arrive. Paypal gave no reason that the payments were returned. 

Yesterday morning Cint made a test payment of a small amount after re-checking the transaction details. If successful, Cint will see it in Their Paypal account on Thursday and will start to ramp up payments again (if it works).

UPDATE 28.08.2020: Latest update is Paypal said their team is investigating and will get back to Cint in max. 72 hours. We are hoping for having this resolved on Monday.

Cint says that there is a technical problem with all payments (Paypal). They do not know when it will be solved, but Paypal and Cint is working hard to solve the problem.

If possible, you can choose another payment option. If you already have redeemed your earnings through Paypal, let us know if you wants us to contact Cint and ask them to delete the Paypal payment so that the money is returned to your account.

Sorry for the problem.

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