Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The winners in our Competition - February 2018

279 members joined Our competition. We are using to Draw the winners.

10 members won 10 Euros:

1) Rita Incon, postal code 07047, USA
2) Jade Ollikainen, 00870, Finland
3) Maria Saccone, 98070, Italy
4) Justice Letsoalo, 2090, South Africa
5) Kiriakoula Antonopoulou, 12135, Greece
6) Alicia Fabiola Quirós Fallas, 21301, Costa Rica
7) Hugo Carneiro, 4475-396, Portugal
8) Hijazi Noura, 1080, Belgium
9) Angie Manton, MK45 2BS, UK
10) Dave Morrison, 92153, USA

5 members won 50 Euros:
1) William Kolivas, 3165, Australia
2) Riccardo Mattew Aly, 80125, Italy
3) Nojeem Bakare, +234, Nigeria
4) Shah Ahmed, DN15 6JD, UK
5) Frederico José Mendes de Oliveira Guedes, 3880-324, Portugal

The Blog competition; 50 Euros to following winners:
1) Abdelilah Zouhir, 67117, Germany
2) Maria Niljon, 50732, Sweden

All the winners will receive an email from us. Payments will be made in two weeks. All winners will be asked to post a Message on Our facebook site to confirm that they have received the payment. They can also post here in the blog if they do not use Facebook.

We will check that the winners are members of Triaba and that they have tried to answer at least one survey the last months. We will also check that nationality is correct since we have many members using VPN to sign up in panels they are not allowed to be a member of.

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