Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The 6 Winners of our 17. May Competition - the National Day of Norway

We have 6 winners in our National Day Competition.

1. Monica Krepsen, Norway
2. Ammar Alhabib, Sweden
3. Katrine Wang Svendsen, Norway
4. Klas Niljon, Sweden
5. Merete Korsgaard Mordal, Norway
6. Maria Johansen, Norway

The Winners will receive a gift card from Presentkorttorget.se or Gavekorttorget.no - Value 500 SEK/NOK.

Next competition will be held this summer - in July. More information will come.

The Winners in our Blog-competition - 17. May 2013

We have 5 winners in our blog-competition:

1) Abirami Subbiah, Sweden
2) Zeta McMillan, Canada
3) Ieva Markevičienė, Lithania
4) Bitte Ståhl, Sweden
5) Jessica Lindberg, Sweden

All winners will receive a gift voucher/Paypal payment of 500 Norwegian kroner (66 Euro/85 USD). Payment will be made before July 2013.

The winners in our other competiton will be announced later today.