Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Our Winners 25 January 2012

Following persons will get a gift voucher (200 NOK/SEK/DKR) from, or Winners outside Scandinavia will be paid by Paypal:

Marius Grøtan, Norway
Olena Kalinina, Switzerland
Kjersti Haugen, Norway
Marc Reul, Germany,
Kathrine Røstgaard, Norway
Astrid Ruben-Kolding, Denmark
Annica Larsson, Sweden
Mona Fosheim Øwre, Norway
Merete Korsgaard Mordal, Norway
Marlene Pienaar, South Africa
Gift Vouchers/Paypal payments will be made before 15 February 2012.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Registrated members for our competition in January 2012 (Updated 25 January):

Registrated members for our competition in January:

Rannveig Hyldbakk, Norway
Deepak Mittal, India
Liselott Olsson, Sweden
Stein Kato Bendixen, Norway
Marius Grøtan, Norway
Jyotsna Dora, India
Olena Kalinina, Switzerland
Maria Johansen, Norway
Kjersti Haugen, Norway
Marc Reul, Germany,
Trond Helge Følstad, Norway,
Kirsti Granhus, Norway,
Kari Johansen, Norway,
Klas Niljon, Sweden
Anette Upsahl, Norway
Ana Isabel Fernandez Sancho, Spain
Katrine Wang Svendsen, Norway
Heléne Gustafsson, Sweden
Fredrik Nygren, Sweden
Chantelle Kelly, South Africa
Morgan Pettersson, Sweden
Per Andersson, Sweden
Jenny Sjöberg, Sweden
Kathrine Røstgaard, Norway
Lili Ying, Sweden
Sofie Hellborg, Sweden
Marianne Krüger, Denmark
Kari- Mette Pedersen, Norway
Anne Kari Qvam, Norway
Yogesh Mittal, India
Astrid Ruben-Kolding, Denmark
Linn Andersen, Norway
Vira Kozak, Sweden
Linda Hjelm, Sweden
Bitte Ståhl, Sweden
Liliya Zakirova, Sweden
Ammar alhabib, Sweden
Annica Larsson, Sweden
Angelika Tinred, Sweden
Maria Niljon, Sweden
Helle Paldan Ruben-Kolding, Denmark
Mona Fosheim Øwre, Norway
Line Strandli, Norway
Emilia Rönnow Sandell, Sweden
David Andersen, Norway
Merete Korsgaard Mordal, Norway
Malin Rudan, Sweden
monica krepsen, Norway
Emmi Torstensson, Sweden
Bahia Hendricks (Dangor), South Africa
Nacera Ralem, Sweden
Beate Myran Bendixen, Norway
Camilla Kvist, Norway
mira hassan, Sweden
Marcus Wennerberg, Sweden
Marko Suomalainen, Finland
bente karin støylen solli, Norway
Lisa Fredriksson, Sweden
Jeppe Dauglykke, Denmark
Henrik Lundgren, Sweden
Marlene Pienaar, South Africa
Mona Peterson, Sweden
Bo K Peterson, Sweden

If you are not registrated for the competiton, send us an email before 25. January to kontakt(at) Here you can find more information about our competition:

Monday, 16 January 2012

New competition January 25

January 25 you can win 250 Euro (2000 NOK) in total.

In order to participate you must be a member of Triaba Panel and have responded to at least one survey in December/January. If you have answered 1 survey, you will get 1 ticket in the competition. If you have answered 2 surveys, you will get two tickets in the competition and 4 surveys=4 tickets.....

If you wish to participate, please send a comment stating this to . Please check if you have won by following the updates on this page (or our Facebook site).

Remember that you must:
- use the e-mail address that you have signed up with in our panel when you contact us.
- write your full name in the e-mail
- write your postal code in the e-mail
- your country
- winners must write on our facebook wall or in our Blog when they have received their gift voucher/Paypal payment

If you don't do this, you will not be allowed to enter the next competition. Do you like our competitions? We would be happy, if you clicked on the +1 button in our website

Winners in the nordic countries will get giftvouchers and winners outside will get a Paypal payment to their paypal account.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rewarded Blogs - January 2012

We received 8 blogs to our competiton in January. 7 from Sweden and 1 from Spain. All 8 bloggers will be rewarded. Our members from Sweden will get a gift voucher from (300 SEK) and our member from Spain will be paid by Paypal (300 NOK). From February there can only be 4 winners from one country.

We have asked all our winners in the latest competitions (since August 2011) to click on the +1 button on our website if they liked our competitions. 42 members won in our Advent Calendar, and 2 person clicked on the button.  

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Blog competiton - January 2012

Award of gift cards for writing about the Triaba Panel: On the 12th of each month, we will hand out gift certificates NOK 3 000 in total to those who write about being a member of Triaba Panel. Each gift certificate is of NOK 300, ie it will be handed out no more than 10 gift cards. If there are more than 10 contributions, we will consider whether the number should be increased or whether it should be a draw between the contributors. Our members outside Scandinavia will be paid an amount in local currency equivalent to 300 Norwegian kroner (40 Euro).

1. You must be a member of one of our panels in order to participate. When you submit your entry you must use the email address you use as a member of the panel. This is so that we can verify that you are a member of Triaba Panel.
2. What you write must be written within the last month.
3. Your blog must be older than 3 months and it must be an active blog. Do not construct a blog to get a gift voucher from us.
4. You can not participate more than 4 times per year, ie you can send in a contribution every three months.
5. In the blog post, there must be a link to the Triaba Panel website that you are a member of. Your link to Triaba Panel should look like:

Norway: Triaba Panel - Betalte markedsundersøkelser på nett

Denmark: Triaba Panel - Betalte undersøgelser på nett

South Africa: Triaba Panel - Paid online surveys in South Africa

India: Triaba Panel - Paid online surveys in India

Sweden: Triaba Panel - Online betalda undersökningar

USA and Canada: Triaba Panel - Paid online surveys in the US/Canada

Australia: Triaba Panel - Paid online surveys in Australia

UK: Triaba Panel - Paid online surveys in the UK

Germany: Triaba Panel - Online bezahlt umfragen

Austria: Triaba Panel - Online bezahlt umfragen

Switzerland: Triaba Panel - Online bezahlt umfragen

Spain: Triaba Panel - Encuestas en línea

Netherlands: Triaba Panel - Betaalde online enquête

6. You must send an e-mail with your name and link to the blog post before the 9th that month in order to participate
7. You must have responded to surveys in order to write about how it is to be a member of the panel