Saturday, 24 September 2011

The winners of our competition 24 September

The winners of gift voucher value 200 NOK/DK/SEK is: Mona Peterson (Sweden), Jenny Sjöberg (Sweden), Nacera Ralem (Sweden), Samer Al Said (Sweden), Sindre Haugan (Norway), Liselott Olsson (Sweden), Linn Andersen (Norway), Lili Ying (Sweden), Shermin Langø (Norway) and Merete Korsgaard (Norway).

The winner of a gift voucher value 500 NOK is: Camilla Kvist (Norway)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Registrated members for our competition September 24 - Updated

Following persons have sent a e-mail regarding our competition of September. We have only listet those that have given the information we have asked for:

The number of tickets in the competition is for: "completed surveys, timed out surveys, quota full surveys and some early screen out surveys". Surveys with status: "Possible duplicate, Bad project token, Suspicious, unanswered and closed" gives no tickets. Remember that if you are a member of more than one survey panel in the Cint Panel Exchange (CPX), you will not be able to answer the same survey more than one time - and we do only give tickets for the surveys you have answered from Triaba.

Mona Peterson Sweden 1-5
Bo K Peterson Sweden 6-17
Stein Kato Bendixen Norway 18-21
Beate Myran Bendixen Norway 22-34
monica krepsen Norway 35-47
Jenny Sjöberg Sweden 48-56
David Andersen Norway 57-64
Anne Kari Qvam Norway 65-77
Mikael Ohlson Sweden 78-87
Maria Olsén Sweden 88-91
Marianne Krüger Denmark 92-106
Katarina Lindahl Sweden 107-112
Marius Aulie Norway 113-124
Katrine Wang Svendsen Norway 125-134
Anette Upsahl Norway 135-142
Hans Pedersen  Sweden 142-146
Kari Johansen Norway 147
Nacera Ralem Sweden 148-153
Samer Al Said  Sweden 154-155
Camilla Kvist Norway 156-169
Maria Johansen Norway 170
Klas Niljon Sweden 171-177
Dumooa Al-Nasir Sweden 178-184
Sindre Haugan Norway 185-197
Maria Niljon Sweden 198-204
Line Strandli Norway 205-215
Marko Suomalainen Finland 216-221
Emmi Torstensson Sweden 222
mira hassan  Sweden 223-226
Kristoffer Kjøren Norway 227-229
Gunn Hamar Norway 230-247
Henrik Lundgren Sweden 248-254
Helle Paldan Ruben-Kolding Denmark 255-273
Liselott Olsson Sweden 274-279
Linn Andersen Norway 280-293
Lili Ying Sweden 294-301
Shermin Langø Norway 302-314
Merete Korsgaard Norway 315-318

Friday, 16 September 2011

New competition September 24

September 24 you can win 250 Euro (2000 NOK) in total. 
In order to participate you must be a member of Triaba Panel and have responded to at least one survey in August/September. If you have answered 1 survey, you will get 1 ticket in the competition. If you have answered 2 surveys, you will get two tickets in the competition and 4 surveys=4 tickets.....
If you wish to participate, please send a comment stating this to . Please check if you have won by following the updates on this page.

Remember that you must:
- use the e-mail address that you have signed up with in our panel when you contact us.
- write your full name in the e-mail
- write your postal code in the e-mail
- winners must write on our facebook wall when they have received their gift voucher/Paypal payment
If you don't do this, you will not be allowed to enter the competition.

Winners in the nordic countries will get giftvouchers and winners outside will get a Paypal payment to their paypal account.