Thursday, 19 November 2015

About Paypal and failing payments

Triaba have been in contact With Cint many times about the problems Our members have when they shall redeem their earnings. 
Cint Writes that "We’ve had some problems with the reliability of our current Paypal incentive process. This has meant that panelists have not been able to redeem their rewards via Paypal from time to time. Whilst the connection is always restored within a few days, this has been a recurrent problem.
Having received feedback on this from many panelists and our panel partners, we have decided to implement a new process. The previous problems have originated from the difficulty of keeping a large enough buffer on all 15 supported PayPal currencies whilst still balancing the risk around potential fraud. When this has balance has not been correct it has taken some time to restore this connection.
Briefly, we will change the process to ensure that we have funds in the right currencies when payouts are processed. This will guarantee that panelists are successfully paid by queuing their request and processing the batches accordingly. This will make it easier to plan bank transfers to the right currencies and to improve messaging and expectations around this. Development work on this new process will start immediately, and we anticipate that it will be launched in Q1 2016.
In the meantime, we will take immediate steps to reduce the number of failed payment requests by increasing the buffer on the currencies in our Paypal accounts; you can expect to see a significant improvement as a result."

Triaba welcomes this and hopes that the problems now will be solved!!

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