Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Triaba's Wintercompetition 2012-2013 - Updated information

At the end of February 2013 we will be handing out gift vouchers of NOK 6 000 in total. There will be one voucher of NOK 3000, one of NOK 1 000 and 4 of NOK 500. In addition, we will hand out an addition 4 vouchers to members that blog about the competition (and Triaba - You MUST also have a link to in your blog). A link to your blog must be sent with your registration to participate in the competition. One extra ticket in the competition will also be given to one member who mentions us on Facebook, Stumbleupon etc.. (Please remember to send us a message, so that we can register you in the competition).

Members not living in any of the Nordic countries, will receive their prize as a payout via Paypal.

In order to compete you must:
- be a member of one of our panels
- have completed at least 4 surveys in one month (The limit is: 3 in Spain and in the USA, 2 in India, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland and South Africa, 1 in Lithuania and Japan). If you have responded to 4 surveys in April and the 1 in other months, you will receive one ticket for the draw. You can receive up to 8 (+1) ticket from July until the end of February.
Former winners who have not written on our facebook page or in our blog, cannot participate.
In order to participate:

Send an e-mail to with the following information:

1) Heading of e-mail: winter competition

2) Name

3) Postal code


5) e-mailaddress (MUST correspond to the e-mail address you use in the Triaba panel)

6) If you have blogged about Triaba and this competition, or have mentioned it on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Stumbleupon or another place? Please remember to let us know so that you are secured at least one ticket!

Please be aware that if your e-mail to participate is uncomplete, you will not be able to participate.


  1. Så har jeg modtaget mit supergavekort på 200 kr. fra adventskonkurrencen. Spændende om jeg også har heldet med mig i denne konkurrence. Tusind tak ;-)
    Mvh Pia Madsen, DK

  2. Jag fick också mitt pris från adventskalendern igår, tackar :)
    mvh Vanja Nanna Englund