Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Triaba's advent calendar 2012 - door No. 11

Our 11th winners of a Gift Voucher/Paypal-payment of 100 NOK/ is:
Line Strandli, Norway, Patricia Ruiz Ruiz Caro, Sweden and Pia Madsen, Denmark

(and yes, you can win several times...)

Gift Vouchers/Paypal payments will be made in January 2013.

Previous Winners in our Advent Calendar:

10. dec: Marius Grøtan, Norway, Jenny Sjöberg , Sweden and Pia Madsen, Denmark
9. dec: Lasse Borg, Denmark, Astrid Ruben-Kolding, Denmark and Nacéra Ralèm, Sweden.
8. dec: Maria Niljon, Sweden, Andrea Alfsvåg, Norway and Katrine Wang Svendsen, Norway
7. dec: Jaya Sharma, India, Anne Kari Qvam, Norway, Charlotte Mack, Norway and Jade Ollikainen, Finland
6. dec: Kerstin Busk-Nilsson, Sweden
5. dec: Monica Krepsen, Norway, Marko Suomalainen, Finland, Marcus Wennerberg, Sweden and Jenny Sjöberg , Sweden
4. dec: Katrine Wang Svendsen, Norway and Lasse Borg, Denmark
3. dec : Kerstin Busk-Nilsson, Sweden and Line Strandli, Norway
2. dec : Marianne Pedersen, Denmark and Merete Korsgaard Mordal, Norway
1. dec : Liselott Hasslöv, Sweden and Christopher King, Australia

Registrated members in our advent Calendar 2013: http://mytriaba.blogspot.no/2012/11/registrated-members-for-our-christmas.html

If you wants to join our Advent calendar, read this: http://mytriaba.blogspot.no/2012/11/christmas-competition-2012-triabas.html  

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