Saturday, 30 June 2012

Number of tickets for our Summer Competition

Tomorrow we will end our Summer Competition. Triaba Panel members can win payments of NOK 8 000 (approximately 1 400 USD) in total. One lucky winner will receive NOK 4000 (appr. USD 700). There are two prizes of NOK 1000 (appr. USD 170) and 6 members will win NOK 500 (appr. USD 85).

In order to participate you MUST:-be a member of one of the Triaba panels
-have completed at least 4 surveys in one month between January and the end of June. (The limit is: 3 in Spain and in the USA, 2 in India, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands and South Africa, 1 in Lithuania and Japan)

If you have responded to 4 surveys in April and one in May, you will get one ticket for the draw. By responding to 4 surveys each month, you can get a total of 6 tickets by the time of the drawing. So the more surveys you respond to, the greater your chance of winning will be.

The following persons have qualified for the competition:

Name Country Tickets
Trudy Hollis Australia 2
Astrid Ruben-Kolding Denmark 1
Helle Paldan Ruben-Kolding Denmark 3
Jeppe Dauglykke Denmark 1
Marianne Krüger Denmark 3
Marko Suomalainen Finland 1
Gautam Verma India 1
Anja Kippe Norway 2
Anne Kari Qvam Norway 3
Christine Caspersen Norway 1
Heidi Mellum Nilsen Norway 5
Kari- Mette Pedersen Norway 1
Katrine Wang Svendsen Norway 1
Kirsti Dyrstad Granhus Norway 2
Line Strandli Norway 2
Linn Andersen Norway 1
Mona Fosheim Øwre Norway 2
Mona-Merethe Nortind Norway 2
Trond Helge Følstad Norway 1
Annica Larsson Sweden 4
Bo K Peterson Sweden 1
Emmi Torstensson Sweden 1
Fredrik Nygren Sweden 4
Jenny Sjöberg
Sweden 1
Klas Niljon Sweden 1
Linda Hjelm Sweden 1
Lisa Fredriksson Sweden 1
Malin Rudan Sweden 2
Per Andersson Sweden 2

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