Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rewarded Blogs - January 2012

We received 8 blogs to our competiton in January. 7 from Sweden and 1 from Spain. All 8 bloggers will be rewarded. Our members from Sweden will get a gift voucher from (300 SEK) and our member from Spain will be paid by Paypal (300 NOK). From February there can only be 4 winners from one country.

We have asked all our winners in the latest competitions (since August 2011) to click on the +1 button on our website if they liked our competitions. 42 members won in our Advent Calendar, and 2 person clicked on the button.  


  1. Thanks!

    About the 1+ button, it's probably because most of us aren't members of the Google+.

    It isn't because we don't like, because we do!

    Thanks again! :)

  2. Stor tack till er på triaba! :) Det är såna som ni som gör undersökningarna roliga att genomföra!
    Keep it up! :)