Monday, 12 December 2011

Triaba's Advent Calendar door No. 12

Our 12th winners of a Gift Voucher/Paypal-payment of 100 NOK/SEK:
Marko Suomalainen from Finland

Gift Vouchers/Paypal payments will be made early in January 2012.

Previous Winners in our Advent Calendar:
11. Maria Johansen from Norway
10. Kathrine Røstgaard from Norway, Sofia Nordlund and Maria Niljon both from Sweden.
9. Sindre Haugan from Norway
8. Malin Rudan from Sweden
7. Marius Aulie and Bente Karin Støylen Solli from Norway
6. Joseph Warren from United Kingdom and Marius Grøtan from Norway
5. Rannveig Hyldbakk from Norway, Mira Hassan from Sweden and Norman Martin from United Kingdom
4. Chantelle Mary Kelly from South Africa
3. Anette Upsahl from Norway
2. Nanna Englund from Sweden
1. Lisa Fredriksson from Sweden

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