Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The winner is....

Following persons will get a gift voucher (200 NOK/SEK/DKR) from, or :

Sara Pedersen (Sweden), Liselott Olsson (Sweden), May-Linda Utklev (Norway), Heidi Mellum Nilsen (Norway), Klas Niljon (Sweden), Anne Kari Qvam (Norway), Marianne Kr├╝ger (Denmark), David Andersen (Norway), Helle Paldan Ruben-Kolding (Denmark), Marius Aulie (Norway), Line Strandli (Norway), Beate Myran Bendixen (Norway), Sindre Haugan (Norway), Katarina Lindahl (Sweden) and Kari- Mette Pedersen (Norway).

Next copmpetition will be held in November. In December our competiton will be arranged as a Christmas calendar, with one gift voucher each day. More information about this will come.

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