Friday, 23 September 2011

Registrated members for our competition September 24 - Updated

Following persons have sent a e-mail regarding our competition of September. We have only listet those that have given the information we have asked for:

The number of tickets in the competition is for: "completed surveys, timed out surveys, quota full surveys and some early screen out surveys". Surveys with status: "Possible duplicate, Bad project token, Suspicious, unanswered and closed" gives no tickets. Remember that if you are a member of more than one survey panel in the Cint Panel Exchange (CPX), you will not be able to answer the same survey more than one time - and we do only give tickets for the surveys you have answered from Triaba.

Mona Peterson Sweden 1-5
Bo K Peterson Sweden 6-17
Stein Kato Bendixen Norway 18-21
Beate Myran Bendixen Norway 22-34
monica krepsen Norway 35-47
Jenny Sjöberg Sweden 48-56
David Andersen Norway 57-64
Anne Kari Qvam Norway 65-77
Mikael Ohlson Sweden 78-87
Maria Olsén Sweden 88-91
Marianne Krüger Denmark 92-106
Katarina Lindahl Sweden 107-112
Marius Aulie Norway 113-124
Katrine Wang Svendsen Norway 125-134
Anette Upsahl Norway 135-142
Hans Pedersen  Sweden 142-146
Kari Johansen Norway 147
Nacera Ralem Sweden 148-153
Samer Al Said  Sweden 154-155
Camilla Kvist Norway 156-169
Maria Johansen Norway 170
Klas Niljon Sweden 171-177
Dumooa Al-Nasir Sweden 178-184
Sindre Haugan Norway 185-197
Maria Niljon Sweden 198-204
Line Strandli Norway 205-215
Marko Suomalainen Finland 216-221
Emmi Torstensson Sweden 222
mira hassan  Sweden 223-226
Kristoffer Kjøren Norway 227-229
Gunn Hamar Norway 230-247
Henrik Lundgren Sweden 248-254
Helle Paldan Ruben-Kolding Denmark 255-273
Liselott Olsson Sweden 274-279
Linn Andersen Norway 280-293
Lili Ying Sweden 294-301
Shermin Langø Norway 302-314
Merete Korsgaard Norway 315-318

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