torsdag 10. mars 2011

Thumbspeak application - market research on your mobile

Cint will soon send an email to all members of our panel and ask you to download the Thumbspeak application. As you may have heard Cint recently acquired Thumbspeak, a tool that gets you into the mobile research community. Surveys are short, fun and timely. With you we can build the largest mobile panel in the world!

· When you go to itunes, Blackberry or Android App stores on your phone you will soon be provided a code to input into your phone.

· This code will note you as being part of our panel and our branding will be shown within Thumbspeak.

· Incentives will remain within pay-pal.

Thumbspeak's do-it yourself (DIY) Mobile Relationship Marketing platform and highly interactive application enables the panel owner and researchers to connect with audiences in real-time via their smart phones at the "moment of truth".

Bottom line, this proposition is allowing you to make more money. We hope you agree that this is a unique and highly compelling opportunity to gather global insights in real time and increase revenue in unison. Currently response rates on smart phones are 46%, meaning the opportunity is "hot" for us to offer the research world the ability to send survey questions to individuals on their smart phones,

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