onsdag 1. juli 2009

Some good adwises

There are some dodgy sellers (and buyers) out there trying to rip you off, so be aware of:
- 99.9% of fraud is carried out by people who won't meet you. Would you advise your friend to send money to someone they don't know? Why are you going to do it!
- Never transfer money without having first received the goods.
- Be wary of sending money to Western Union to people you dont know (scam alerts on many sites).
- Never pay in part for goods that are supposed to be in transit
- Be careful when dealing with overseas sellers and you only have an email address.
- If using escrow services make sure the escrow agent is legitimate.
- Even if you are a seller, there are scammers awaiting you.
- Be careful when buying expensive items like mobile phones, laptops, plasma tvs, airline tickets and even tickets for shows/gigs.
- When buying airline tickets we suggest you take the seller's name and ticket number, check the ticket exists and take responsibility yourself for changing the names
- Meet the seller face to face and ask to see their ID. We advise only buying and selling with people you can meet. Fraudsters dont meet people, that's how they get caught!
NEW scam: If someone asks you to open a bank account to deal with them, this is 100% sure to be a scam - do not enter into an agreement like this!Remember it's BUYER BEWARE and if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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